Jackie Tetzloff

What does she do?: I am the board moderator, and am now the site owner.
Age: 19
Location: Wisconsin
Cool fact: I am Christian, and proud of it! I also was the first fan of the month, but... yeah... lol
Fan story: a friend of mine saw Final Destination 2 and thought James was another guy (Trevor Morgan to be exact)... she asked me and I said it wasn't him, but I started reading the messageboard at IMDB and found Jaimie's fan club and stuff and so I met Aj'a and now things are the way it is now lol. I thought James seemed like a cool guy so I wanted to help with the first site with Aj'a. Long story. I don't want to explain on here haha.

Want to contact me?
website: Oceanvue (My band)
MSN/e-mail: [email protected]
AIM: jackolian

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