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Name: Jessica

Age: 17

Location: Manitoba, Canada

Fan Story: "Well I am not sure what i should put here but here i go, i used to watch edgmont all the time i remember he was one of the main reasons i even watched the show lol i used to be so excited to get home from school and watch him he acted like such abad ass it was so cute. Than i saw him on Final Destination 2 and i didn't know that that him and the edgmont boy were the same but i remember being very upset when he got crushed by a peice glass. Any way time went by and i kinda forgot about him untill She's the man hit theatres i went to see it with all my friends while they were all in love with channing tatum i really had the hots for Sabastian so i got his name and looked him up on the net and found out that i had a huge crush on him before to lol i guess thats my story."

Message to James: "I geuss my message is keep doing what your doing and i think your really great and i really hope i some how meet you some day and if your every in winnipeg let me know we can party lol, and I hope everything with your career works out for you cause it sounds like you deserve it. Love ya"

Congratulations, Jessica!!

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